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(Oct 18, 2012)
I miss you guys.
(Nov 26, 2011)
(May 26, 2011)
(Aug 27, 2008)
It WAS me fool. I tried ot talk at ya and you dissed me.
(Aug 27, 2008)
Yo Daf, still haven't recevied my cash out. Lemme know what's up, please.
(Aug 23, 2008)
hey everyone if anyone is wondering where i went i am now on agrammar so is my mage starlove
(Aug 21, 2008)
Glenn! i seen a dwarf priest on my server today that nearly made me stop and say hi thinking it was you! made me miss the old days lol
(Aug 19, 2008)
woot logged in forever
(Aug 19, 2008)
(Aug 15, 2008)
Also Glenn check my DKP cash out post, Daf and Torq replied there. :)
(Aug 15, 2008)
Raid totals are still there but the direct link is broken. Go the 'Past Raids' link then click 'Standings' tab.
(Aug 15, 2008)
Any news on our guid bank? glenn is a sad panda that we can't cash otu our DKP and that the DKP total sare gone.
(Aug 07, 2008)
That's yet ANOTHER reason why ya rock Nrahk! Thank ye!
(Aug 07, 2008)
I have no idea Glenn. I don't know if the toons I have on TB have access to it. Let me see if I can find out for you.
(Aug 07, 2008)
Ow! Lots of gems and potion injectors gone from the guild bank. Who has access to that to help distribute the stuff to the EoA folks left behind? I know Chiclet and I have been lookin' for some guild bank love.
(Aug 05, 2008)'s fun when we down a boss but it's not the same without you guys...
(Aug 05, 2008)'s Eitrigg?
(Aug 04, 2008)
how you guys doing??
(Aug 02, 2008)
Whoever Venya is from Khaz Modan, you fail
(Aug 01, 2008)
solid mal