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[Pinned] Transmute and Timer Listing

Heya everyone in an attempt to maximize he materials we have on hand so people can make crafted items quickly I am going to ask that everyone who has a toon that has one of the following skills to enter the name and skill of their toon below. I wi...
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[Pinned] BoP Enchanting Recipes in Instances

Here are the enchanting BoPs that drop in instances. I need these, so I'm usually up for any of these instances. Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility drops from Eredar Deathbringers in The Arcatraz (The big guys with the awful shadow damage aura.)E...
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Chiclet Alchemy

edited lua to go to wowhead instead of allakazamRecipe list for player Chiclet on Thorium BrotherhoodCreated on 07/03/08 18:19:30113 Alchemy recipe(s) scannedElixir Elixir of Major Shadow Power Elixir of Major Defense Elixir of Major Agility Elixi...
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Helphant - Jewelcrafter

I have more gem cuts than I can possibly list, but if you ask I can tell you pretty quickly. The only noteable one I don't have (but really wish I did) is the Solid Star of Elune (blue +12 stam). I have the +9 and the +15, but not that one. I can ...
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Belt of the Long Road

Any tailors have this pattern by any chance? :) Belt of the Long Road Pattern: Belt of the Long Road
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Enchant SHield - Shield Block

LF the enchant that does 15 block *rating* called Enchant Shield - Shield block. :)
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Master Recipe List link above will be the master recipe list for EoA crafters. So far, only Jewelcrafting is up, but other professions will be added later. For JC, I'm including green recipes, but f...
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Tailoring, Enchanting, Alchemy, Cooking

Tailoring items Inoke has:(I'm C&P these lists, hence my name after what I can do... to lazy to edit that)Sets:Spellstrike Infusion:Spellstrike Pants InokeWhitemend Wisdom:Whitemend Hood Inoke, PvP Set:The Unyielding: Epic: Unyielding Girdle I...
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Zents JC List

I have an addon that lets anyone check out what gems i can cut at any time. the downside is that it fills up my chat log. But in order to use it just pst me with !gem <color> for example "!gem green" or "!Gem talasite" and you can see what...
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Asu's Enchanting (375)

Asu's Enchanting FormulasConsumableSuperior Wizard OilCreates Superior Wizard Oil.3xArcane Dust, 1xImbued Vial, 1xNightmare VineSuperior Mana OilCreates Superior Mana Oil.3xArcane Dust, 1xImbued Vial, 1xNetherbloomWizard OilCreates Wizard Oil.3xIl...
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Enchanter (375)

Have Enchanting lvl375 and a good majority of enchants offered in the game.To look up any enchants, when Seascape is logged in, just send a whisper ( /send seascape) [!enchant] [item] [stat] or both to narrow searchExample.. you want to look up st...
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Dzurlord's Notable Tailoring Items

Aside from normal tailoring stuff I can make:Golden SpellthreadBattlecast PantsSatchel of Cenarius (24 slot herb bag)
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Huric's Recipes

Enchanting:Enchant Boots - FortitudeEnchant Bracer - FortitudeEnchant Weapon - Major IntellectEnchant Weapon - Major HealingEnchant Gloves - Spell StrikeEnchant Gloves - Major SpellpowerEnchant Weapon - Mongoose(need to make the new rod for Mongoo...
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Plans: Adamantite Weapon Chain

Who can make this?Plans: Adamantite Weapon ChainAdamantite Weapon Chain
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Flower's tailoring & enchanting corner

Tailoring: 375Primal Mooncloth Silver spellthreadbag:Primal mooncloth bagImbued netherweave bagnetherweave bagmooncloth bagrunecloth bagmageweave bagEnchanting bag:spellfire bagenchanted runecloth bagenchanted mageweave pouchGem Bag:bag of jewelsH...
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Mstique's goblin eng & tailoring

Goblin Eng 375/390Mana Potion Injector admantite shell machinefel iron toolboxGun:Gyro-Balanced Khorium DestroyerCloth:Destruction holo-gogsMisc:Dimensional ripper - area 52Dimensional ripper - everlookarcanite dragonlinggoblin bomb dispenser gobl...
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Therin & His Usual BS (Blacksmithing, that is)

Level 375 Swordsmith, but unfortunately most high-level weapons are BoP. I've listed all BoE blues/purples below that I can make for level 68+, although there are several other items available that might be of some use to any plate-wearing twinks...
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Tailoring 375 Shadowcloth Spec'dGolden SpellthreadSilver SpellthreadBag of Jewels (24 slot)Cenarion Herb Bag (20 slot)Felcloth Bag (24 slot)Arconoweave Robe and bootsBattlecast HoodVengence WrapImbued Netherweave RobeImbued Netherweave TunicImbued...
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Tailoring 375 Mooncloth Spec'dPrimal Mooncloth bagAlchemy 371 Elixir Spec'dPrimal Might XmuteEarthstone Diamond Xmute
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Sanssa - learned Outlands alchemy recipes

Sanssa is an Elixir Master, but can of course do some other things...(only Outlands recipes are listed)Elixirs and Potions:Flask of Mighty RestorationFlask of Pure DeathFlask of Relentless AssaultSuper Rejuvenation PotionCauldron of Major Arcane P...
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